Wiz Bytes are a Wizard for Your Brain

Share Wisdom, Be Wise

Bridge the Gap

Wiz Bytes captures
wisdom in the moment.


Wiz Bytes Makes You Smart!

Or at least more organized. Based upon a tried and true method passed down through generations, Wiz Bytes is a modern take on the storyteller’s tradition.

Social Power in a Mental Game

Sometimes you need a little peer pressure to perform at your best. Sometimes the power of sharing can be harnessed to advance the human condition. Sometimes you need an unfair advantage…

Capture the Moment, Distill the Essence

While Twitter lets you share in the tersest possible way, Wiz Bytes lets you shine in the best possible way.

WizBytes is Magic for Your Mind

All the technology and apps in the world are just a distraction when they do not provide an edge in the real world.

Collaborative Memory Magic

Designed for Mobile

Our mobile-first design team loves web apps, but appreciates the need for capturing data with the on-board tools available in today’s best smart phones.

We’ll be there on the web as soon as it is ready for us!

Completely Customizable

You wouldn’t buy a car without picking the color, why would you buy an app that doesn’t care about what you like?

Loaded With Power

Enterprise-grade backend cloud power ensures your data and WizBytes are available 24/7 around the world.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

When Wiz Bytes launches, you will have a full set of videos to guide you every step of the way. This is gonna be good!

State of the Art

You cannot trust your second brain to just any old architecture. Wiz Bytes is made of good stuff. Scalable, secure, and full of innovation.

All the Updates & Support You Need

Your purchase of the paid mobile app means you get support!

Prepare to Have an Audience

Secure Sharing of Knowledge with Capture and Distillation, Reference and Reminders, Contacts and Social… It’s all combined in a fun, attractive mobile app that is easy to use and rewarding from day one.